heart words / by Tenley Garrett

Her feet stayed planted, but her heart took two steps forward,

Were her mouth to speak the words she felt, would she feel anything at all?

This is the dilemma, to speak or to be voiceless.

But is to be speechless to be voiceless? For surely her heart’s pounding was an audible utterance to the world.

It spoke in rhythm, its beats sputtering forth sporadically like a worn-down automobile making its final stretch through a winding mountain pass.

If the pounding stopped, then too would her heart, abandoned on the road-side, awaiting rescue that would not come.

And so that electric organ pumped, choked and ached as it shattered the silence, spilling its words forth into an empty world, unrestrained and honest.

And suddenly her heart began to walk and her feet beat upon the ground, finding gladness in the broken silence.

So I say, speak the words of your heart, the violent thumps, bumps, and skips, and let them guide you from silence down a path of vibrant, spontaneous noise.