critter. / by Tenley Garrett

this critter will not leave me be

I find it kind of strange

that all at once— so small, so free

he chose to stop and stay with me. 


he dances down my hand, and then

pausing, leaps to meet my denim dress.

when this moment comes to pass?

for many moments— I hope it lasts. 


scuttling by, a crawling thing

interrupts our somber scene

hasn’t got a clue or thought

about the human being. 


I press gently to his dainty legs

a feeble twig to touch his toes

he bends about and, upright, begs

then takes hold and up he goes.


I pause to take in all I see

but know that I cannot see all

the secrets, life’s mystery

will never be mine to call.


I thank the Artist of all things

the One who gave me eyes to see

nature's Author, all-knowing—

that I should live and happy be.